Vortex Valve Tornado Tube

SKU: 5003

Have fun making your own tornado using a vortex valve tornado tube. It will demonstrate how a tornado swirls.

The vortex valve connects two large soft drink bottles.   

These amazing connectors screw onto two plastic soda bottles.  To get started remove the labels from the empty soda bottles (same size works best) so you have a clear view of the tornado. Fill one of the two bottles with two-thirds of water. Connect the second bottle to the first with the vortex valve connector.  Start swirling the bottles in a circular motion, turn the bottles around so that the bottle with water is at the top, as you keep making a circular motion a tornado will form in the top bottle, as the water rushes through the valve connector.

For a bit of fun you can add some glitter or food coloring to create a cool effect.

This is such a fun educational experiment that can be done at home, school, backyard or anywhere!

Age 3 years – adult.   A random color valve will be selected.