Turtles Water Snake Wriggler Sensory Wiggler

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Turtles Water Snake Wriggler, take a deep sea dive with the Turtles Water Snake Wiggler!

Filled with glittery blue liquid and little turtles swimming, this wiggly toy is a sparkling mini ocean in your hands. Watch the mesmerising turtles float around inside just like in the wild - but try to hold on before it escapes!

As you apply pressure to your grip, the water-filled Turtle snake moves in a way you cannot keep a grip on it.

This is great for working on your motor skills, and teaches you more about pressure and motion. You'll have fun watching Turtles floating around!

This water snake is good fun for gentle play (it is filled with water so overzealous playing could be a mess)

 Kids who like to squeeze with all their might and use fingernails would not be a good fit.

Suit 5+