Tobbie The Robot

SKU: FS893

Tobbie is an intelligent six-legged robot that you build yourself, providing great interaction for children. Once built, Tobbie has two ultra-intelligent program modes - Follow Me and Explore.

In Follow Me mode, Tobbie follows whatever object you place in front of him, just like a fun pet. Possessing infrared sensor auto-detect, Tobbie can avoid obstacles when he is in the Explore mode, and will find a new route to keep moving.

This fun, little robot offers wonderful sound and light effects, developing his own emotions and gestures, just like a living pet. He can walk and spin in any direction, and will beep and flash his eyes while moving around.

Try to challenge Tobbie and figure out what he can do. Create a maze for him to explore or allow him to follow you. Most of all, don’t treat Tobbie like a robot – more like an adorable, smart friend!'

Tobbie is a kit which requires building and may require the assistance of an adult. Fun for all ages!

Recommended Age 8+

A STEM build-and-play kit.