Reusable Stickers - In the City Park Sticker Pad Set

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Fun and versatile is this Reusable Sticker Pad Set with fun scenes at the Park, on the Farm, visiting the Zoo or a day at the Beach.

City Park Reusable Sticker Pad Set is fun and versatile.  Comes with 5 scenes and 140 stickers to use over and over again.

The 5 different scenes are - Park, Farm, Beach, Zoo and Race Track themes.  Each of the backgrounds have lots and lots of stickers to choose from are glossy and colourful.

The PVC electrostatic film, and the easy-to-peel stickers can be lifted off and reused again and again, so kids can follow their imaginations fearlessly, tell wonderful stories, and change their minds as much as they like.

Great for fine motor skills: hand-eye coordination, narrative thinking, communication skills, and creative expression

 Non toxic and Eco friendly.  Lovely product by Jar Melo.

Suits 3+