Playmobil - Pirates Treasure Hunt (71420)

SKU: PMB71420

Embark on a treasure hunt with the fearless pirate!

The treasure map has led the buccaneer to the mysterious Crystal Skull Island, where a valuable crystal skull artifact is said to be hidden. But before he can obtain the treasure, he must first find the right path and navigate past the guardian of the island. I

n the darkness of the underwater cave, the markings on the rocks guide the pirate to the hiding place of the Crystal Skull artifact. He pushes aside the spider's web and reveals the treasure. But beware! A moray eel Deeper emerges from the water and attacks the buccaneer.

Can he be driven away with the help of the canon?

Includes 55pcs - Two Playmobil figures, a rock hideout with a movable spider web door, two stones with path markers, a functioning canon, rock prints that glow in the dark and many other fantastic extras.

With imaginative characters and detailed equipment, the pirate playsets from Playmobil offer hours of fun for pirate fans.

Suits 4+