Playmobil - Battle against the Giant Octopus (71419)

SKU: PMB71419
Playmobil Pirates Battle against Giant Octopus.
The leader of the Deepers, a human Kraken, possesses a mighty trident with a magical compass. Deepers and monster octopus fight side by side against the pirate who has stood in their way with his boat and cannon.
It is no easy task to dodge the water splashes from the sea monster's tentacles. Includes a real water-spraying feature.

Beware, for the giant octopus is approaching! The pirate is trying to escape in his rowboat, but the giant squid and its companion Deepers are faster. They catch up to the boat, and the octopus gives the pirate a cold shower with its tentacle. The pirate doesn't even have time to load his cannon.

 It's better not to mess with this extraordinary sea creature!

With imaginative characters and detailed equipment, the Pirates playsets from PLAYMOBIL offer hours of fun for pirate fans aged 4 and up.

The giant octopus has a water-spraying function. The pirate boat floats and can accommodate one PLAYMOBIL figure.