Planet Xplore Earth Big Treasures Excavation Kit

SKU: DD7285

Planet Xplore Earth Big Treasures Dig Site from Kaper Kidz with an Earth block and bonus Moon block, gemstones, fossils, and tools for excavation.

PLANET XPLORE EARTH BIG TREASURES DIG SITE from Kaper Kidz is the ultimate excavation kit for any young adventurer who loves to discover hidden treasures.

This kit comes with one large earth block, measuring approximately 15cm in diameter, which contains eight different types of stones, including pyrite, amethyst, rose quartz, green adventuring, red goldstone, sodalite, shale, and scoria. I

n addition to the stones, there are also four fossils to discover, including a shark tooth, bivalve, pink gastropod, and coral. But the fun doesn't stop there - this kit also includes a mini block in the shape of the moon, containing one piece of coal to add to your collection.

To help with the excavation, the kit comes with a hammer, chisel, and brush, as well as a booklet to guide you through the process and teach you about the different types of stones and fossils you can discover. Once you have successfully excavated your treasures, you can proudly display them using the included keyring. This kit is perfect for kids who love to learn about geology and palaeontology, and provides hours of educational fun.