Magnetic Wand and 100 Magnetic Counting Chips

SKU: LL933

Our Magnetic Wands come with 100 Colourful Magnet Counting Chips and are a wonderful way to introduce our young children to the wonders of magnetism, as they will be able to clearly see a magnet's power to attract and repel in action.

See what they can pick up with their magnetic wand - paperclips, magnetic marbles or other magnets?

Each magnetic wand contains a permanent magnet moulded into the end of the wand, has a ribbed plastic handle which is lasting and easy to clean.

The metal rimmed counting chips are great for counting, sorting into colours and are transparent, with a steel ring around the edge means they are easily picked up by your magnet.

Pack contains 1 x Magnetic Wand and 1 x 100 pack of Metal Rimmed Counting Chips.

Wand length 19cm and chips 2cm.  Wand colours may vary.

Not suitable for children under 3 years, choking hazard and must have adult supervision.

Recommended for Ages 5 years+