Magna-Tiles Storage Bin & Interactive Playmat

SKU: MT20200

Looking for the perfect accessory for your children's growing MAGNA-TILES collection? Look no further than the MAGNA-TILES Storage Bin & Interactive Play-Mat!

This versatile, two-in-one solution helps to keep play areas organized while also serving as a comfortable and colorful play-mat for your children to build on.

Comprised of durable, non-toxic materials, the MAGNA-TILES Storage Bin & Interactive Play-Mat is easy to clean, with most accidental stains or spills easily removed with soap and warm water. Not only does it encourage children to spend more time learning colors, shapes, math, science, and more, the Storage Bin & Interactive Playmat also allows them to practice good habits when it's time to clean up after a full play session. 

- What's Included: 1 Storage Bin that doubles as a play-mat (MAGNA-TILES magnetic tiles NOT included). 

- What Makes It Unique: Innovative 2-in-1 design, converts from a sturdy storage bin to an interactive playmat in a simple zip! 

- Developmental: Pattern on playmat aids in color and shape recognition, while the 2-in-1 design encourages the development of fine motor skills. 

- Store More: Provides room to grow your collection, holding up to 300 MAGNA-TILES pieces. 

- Suits 3+ 

- More to Explore: Whether it's storing your MAGNA-TILES collection or other toys, this bin can handle it all. 

- Superior Quality: This bin is built to last, with an exterior constructed from durable polyester fabric and interior made from durable polypropylene. 

- Made With Purpose: MAGNA-TILES products are loved by builders ages 3-99 and designed for kids to enjoy, without instructions or adult assistance. We're advocates for Meaningful Play, that is: Fun, Engaging, Experience Based, Child Led and Developmental. 

Contents: 1 Storage Bin that doubles as a play-mat (MAGNA-TILES magnetic tiles NOT included). 

Assembly Details: Unzip to unveil a 28 x 25" interactive play mat for MAGNA-TILES magnetic tiles. Zip back up into a 12.5 x 11 x 8" bin to store in standard cube organizer.