Life Cycles Educational Puzzle - Creatives

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Life Cycles Educational Puzzle by Creatives

Life Cycles’ is a ‘Life Science’ curriculum based game to make children understand how animals of different ‘Animal Groups’ grow and change from their beginning of life till adult lives.

There are 6 sets of 4 large pieces ‘Life Cycle’ puzzles of all the animal groups. As the child puts the pictures of different stages of development of each animal together in a logically correct order, they understand and learn the beginning, pattern of growth, and the changes that take place at different stages of development of that animal.

Thus, a child learns about the life cycles of different groups while developing their early science skills. Children can also play ‘Picture Quiz’ and other Group Games with the help of the activities given in the ‘Activity Guide’.

As children fit the puzzle pieces together, they see a butterfly develop from a tiny larva, watch a seed become a plant and more.

Suits 4+