4M KidzLabs Volcano Making Kit

SKU: FSG3230

4M KidzLabs Volcano Making Science Kit

Design you own volcano and have oozing lava flow from it.

Volcanic eruptions are dangerous. They can be destructive and create chaos. They are disastrous and devastating. If you want to find out on how volcanoes create chaos and destruction, you may now find out how with this Volcano Making Kit. 

Mould your volcano, paint it and wait for the paint to dry.

Simply add vinegar and baking powder and then watch the volcano erupt.

It's an awesome science project and a cool desktop decoration.

The eruption can be performed repeatedly and the fun is unlimited.

Includes: 1 x solid plastic volcano mould, 2 x plaster mix, 1 paint strip with 6 colours, 1 x brush, 1 x stirrer, 1 x sheet of decoration graphics and 1 x set of instructions with volcano science, fun facts and recipe for eruptions

 9.5cm tall when built

Ages 8+ 

 Please Note: Requires vinegar and baking soda for eruption (not included).