Illusion Cubes Game

SKU: AAC036407

Illusion Cubes!  We have been fascinated by optical illusions, trying to understand what it is that makes your eyes distort reality.  Look the first time and you see something, but the second time, your perception changes and you see something totally different.

The 24 double-sided Illusion Cube tiles inside this game will allow you to explore, create and amaze yourself as you build your own illusions.

120 challenges are included to get you started.

Single Player Game

Suits 6+

How do you play Illusion Cubes?
There are two ways to play with these flat, two-sided tiles that look like 3D cubes.

Select a challenge from the 120 in the game booklet.

Then its time to arrange the tiles to reproduce the image in the challenge. You'll need to work out which side of the tile needs to be up and how it fits with the other tiles in the pattern.

Or, use the tiles to create your own optical illusions.

This game is mesmerising and can be relaxing to play. Its a bit zen.

What can you learn?
- spatial visualisation
- cognitive illusions (when the visual assumption of the world doesn't match reality)
- concepts of symmetry and patterning