Leonardo Da Vinci Tank - Pathfinders

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Have some fun building your very own working re-creation of Leonardo da Vinci's 15th century armoured tank.

His tank was designed to defend the Lords and Dukes of the time, and had a unique drive train of gears to make it move! 

Made from natural wood for durability, all of the pieces are pre-cut and drilled for easy assembly. Your tank comes complete with 360 degree mock cannons!

Have fun as you re-create da Vinci's iconic armoured vehicle (minus the gears on the wheels due to the small size). Your vehicle includes a platform for a lookout and a removable, lockable top so that you can see the inner workings!

This is a great educational gift for any curious mind! 

It's easy to complete in just a few hours!  You will also need to add scissors and ruler.

Ages 8+
Dimensions once assembled: 17cm tall x 20cm across.