Leonardo Da Vinci Helicopter - Pathfinders

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Leonardo Da Vinci's Helicopter - fifteenth century Aerial Screw is one of his most iconic drawings. Like many of his other ingenious inventions, the idea of this flying contraption was way ahead of its time!

Based upon his bevel gear design which would spin the canopy and support structure, this working model is easily assembled in less than two hours by beginner model makers, with pre-cut and drilled pieces for super strong connection.

The canopy and support structure is removable, so you can experiment with your own helicopter or wing-type systems, Leonardo thought that flight might be possible with his design.

A fun and inspiring project spun from one of the greatest minds in history, Leonardo's Aerial Screw was designed to use the power of four men to push the canopy and outer ring. 

Pathfinder kits are renowned for their clever design and include quality materials.

Ages 9+

Includes 19 pieces, glue, 12 page instruction manual and stand for display.
Dimensions: 38cm x 23cm x 23cm once assembled.