4M - Weather Science - Green Science

SKU: FSG3402

4M Green Science Weather Science Kit let's you learn the science behind our various weather phenomenons, create misty clouds, acid rain and more.  

These exciting activities in this kit will help you understand how our weather works in our Earth's atmosphere.

Experiment with static electricity which causes lightning , build a desktop water cycle model and even make clouds in you palm.

Watch air currents that produce wind and study greenhouse effect and acid rain.

Some of the activities include:

1. Showing how an electric charge is made by rubbing a balloon on your hair.
2. Bending a flow of water around a static balloon.
3. Learning how acid rain affects the growth of plants.
4. Producing a water cycle model that shows how water evaporates from the oceans and falls as rain.
5. Creating a cloud in the palm of your hand using alcohol vapour.

Each activity contains detailed instructions, an explanation of how things work and relevant fun facts!

Also required but not included in this kit: a drinking glass, some potting soil, some beans, a pencil, a plastic bottle, a desk lamp (in case there is no sunshine), and an alcoholic drink such as cooking wine.

Adult supervision is required.

Award winning product.

Age 8+