4M - Salt Powered Robot Science Kit

SKU: FSG3353

Make your own Salt Powered Robot with the 4M KidzLabs Salt Powered Robot Science kit.

The 4M Salt Water Power Robot Kit provides all the materials needed to assemble this environmentally-friendly, non-toxic robot.

When your robot is completed, insert the included aluminium and carbon sheets and simply add salt water and WOW you have just created a salt water powered engine!

No batteries required!  Encourages scientific learning

Watch gleefully as your mini robot whizzes across your floor!

A fun, simple way to learn about alternative energy,

Robot's head and arms do not move

Package contains chassis, upright, pivot, bent arms, battery holder, battery base, batter lid, motor with wires and contacts, plain axle and wheels, axle with gear and wheels, 2 screws, dropper, 2 aluminium sheets, 2 fabric sheets, 2 carbon sheets

Salt water and screwdriver not included

Made of durable plastic and metal materials

Detailed instructions included, Completed Miniature Robot Racer measures 4 inches tall.

Suits 8+