4M Magnetic Mighty Racer - Kidzlabs

SKU: FSG3290

Experience the invisible power of magnets with this cool Mighty Magnet Magnetic Racer, by 4M KidzLabs.

Watch as you drive the racer all around, just by using the force of a mini magnet.  No electrical energy involved while at the same time learning about the mighty power of a magnet and how it can be used to drive this car!

Simply push or pull the racer with the included Mini Mighty Magnet, driving it wherever you please it also make a very cool moving fridge magnet too.

How it works - There is a magnet embedded in side the racer.  When the mini mighty magnet is placed near the racer, it will attract the racer or push it away depending on the magnetic poles.  Opposite poles attract and the same poles repel.

Magnetic force also works through a solid, so the racer can still be controlled by the mighty magnet placed under the table top.

Suits 5+

It's fun and educational!