Science Wiz Magnetism Experiment Science Kit

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Explore the fun of magnetism with the Science Wiz Magnetism Experiment Science Kit.

You can build a compass, detect iron, learn how magnets attract and repel, make a temporary magnet, learn how motors work by building an electromagnet and lots more cool activities all presented in a 40 page book with step by step, 3-D instructions to help kids build an understanding of magnetism.

Having fun while learning what sticks to magnets is not only fun but also builds an early foundation in science.  By bouncing colour coded ring magnets, children learn about attract and repel.  By using magnets to move objects through a variety of materials, they internalise the concept of action at a distance.

Supplies are included, only requires 1 x 1.5V D size battery (not included). The magnets supplied with this kit are high-quality, colour-coded safe ceramic magnets.

23 Activities explained step by step in a full colour booklet.

Suits 8+