Science Wiz - Electricity Experiments Science Kit

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Explore the fun of Electricity with the Science Wiz Electricity Experiment Science Kit.

Help your young kids understand how electricity works with the hands-on activities and easy-to-read text in this combination book and science kit!

They'll be able to make several different types of circuits and connections that will make a light bulb glow and a motor spin, and they'll also get to create a simple morse code machine using a buzzer. In the process they'll learn about simple, parallel, and series circuits, load, switches, conductors, and insulators.

Comes with materials to do most of the 18 activities and a 34-page kid-friendly guide that includes a word search and crossword puzzle at the end.

The highly visual, step-by-step science book enables young children to play independently. This children’s classic, with its touch of whimsy, should be your child’s FIRST electricity kit.

Requires one D cell battery

Suits 6+

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