Science Wiz - Chemistry Science Kit

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Explore the fun of Chemistry with the Science Wiz Chemistry Science Kit.

With this chemistry kit from Science Wiz, kids can enjoy 30+ activities using the 40-page experiment manual, 25+ included pieces, and a few common household items. 

Candle making, water squirting, freezing, thawing, glop, and mud pie experiments — things every child should do to explore the matter of matter.

35 Activities

  • Capture a CO2 explosion
  • Squeeze an egg into a bottle
  • Grow crystals
  • Make candles
  • Freeze liquids into solids
  • Dissolve and filter solids
  • Dye a flower from the inside out
  • Change states of matter

This chemistry set from award-winning ScienceWiz includes free internet portal access to help you take chemistry experiments even further. 


Suits 6+