Ravensburger Escape Room Kids Pirates Peril - 368 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

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Ravensburger Escape Jigsaw Pirates Peril - Puzzle 368 Pieces.

Challenge your family with the Ravensburger Kids Escape Pirates Peril 368-Piece Puzzle.

Part of the Escape series, this puzzle presents different challenges and riddles that the whole family has to solve to complete the puzzle.

Read the story, assemble all 368 pieces to read the secrets and see if you can escape. You can also scan the QR code to get different hints.

Hours of puzzling and a valued learning and discover experience. 

Finished Puzzle: 70 x 50cm 

This Escape Puzzle for KIDS mixes a richly-illustrated 368-piece jigsaw, an exciting storyline and 6 mathematical riddles hidden within the jigsaw image. 

Once you've assembled the puzzle, you need to solve the riddles and "escape"! A little tip - the puzzle image isn't identical to the box image. 

Those little changes may help you solve the riddles. Supplied with instructions and solution envelope, Escape also comes with a unique QR code to help you solve the riddles.  Riddles graded at 2/5; simplest level. 

Great for Adults and ideal puzzles for Children 9 years old and up.