Large Plasma Ball


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Large Lighting Plasma Ball 

Electrical current flows through negatively ionised gas to create the illusion of lightning.

This awe-inspiring plasma lightning ball is hand blown from quality glass. Watch as the lightning jumps from the plasma in the center, to reach out and touch your finger as you press it against the glass.

You can even feel the electricity as it gently warms your fingertips.

Just try to keep your hands of this dramatic display of electrical light that even responds to sound and music!

Huge, 8 inch Plasma Lightning Ball. Ball is 8 inches or 20 cm in diameter, height (including stand) is 28 cm.

Power source: 12V DC adapter 1000mA included (SAA approved)

Can last for up to 1000 hours.

This is NOT A TOY as made with Glass.

Suits 9+