Orchard Toys One Dog, Ten Frogs Game

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One Dog, Ten Frogs Game from Orchard Toys, count and match the pairs in this funny memory game!

Kids play this game be choosing a giant card, counting the characters then choosing another card and counting the characters, if they all match they keep the cards and whoever has the most cards wins.

At the end play can be extended by using the number reference board to line up all the cards in order of number.     

Learning benefits include improving counting and number skills as well as observational and memory skills.     

The Orchard Toys One Dog Ten Frogs Game includes :

    • 30 jumbo pairs cards
    • 1 number reference board
    • 1 instruction leaflet

    A great fun game, easily played by the whole family that has a strong educational concept at its base the Orchard Toys One Dog Ten Frogs Game is designed for children from 3 years old.

    Teacher tested.

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