My First Sci-Fi Science Kit - Wild Science

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My First Sci-Fi Science Kit let's you star in your own sci-fi adventure as you explore the science of outer space. Make sci-fi movie sounds and discover the science of planetary orbits and cosmic storms.

Launch a rocket to explore the Solar System, make spinning and flying UFOs, and decode a secret alien message.

You will learn about the following while having fun:

  • Space and the solar system
  • Properties of sound
  • Energy and projectile motion + rotational inertia
  • Encrypted messages

Contents Included -  Cardboard tube, Stickers, Spring, Colour Wheel, Wheel Parts, Acrylic String, Plastic Tubes, UFO Parts, Nylon String, Bead, Foam Rings, Roam Rocket Fins, Rubber Bands, Cardboard Cut-outs, Fishing Line and Instruction Booklet

Suits 6+ (may need adult supervision)

NOTE - One activity requires the use of scissors (not included) to cut string and wire cutters (not included) to cut wire.  An adult must carry out the steps that use scissors or wire cutters.