Metal Earth - Triceratops Dinosaur Skeleton


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Construct your own Triceratops Dinosaur Skeleton from this detailed etched Metal Earth Kit by Fascinations.

Your Triceratops Skeleton comes as a 3D Laser Cut Model.  Cut from  2 x  11cm square thin sheets of metal, with easy to follow instructions included. 

No gluing or soldering is required – just pop out the pieces and connect using tabs and holes.

The name from Greek means 3 horned face. This dinosaur was about 30 feet long, 10 feet tall and weighed 4 to 6 tons. Stout limbs supported its girth but it was unlikely the dinosaur could move very quickly. Like a modern-day rhinoceros, it probably spent much of its time grazing on plant matter.

Number Of Sheets - 2 Sheets
Difficulty - Moderate
Assembled Size - 13.2cm x 3.35cm x 6cm

Suits 14+