Games Pack - 5 years plus


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Games Pack - 5 years plus

Ghost Hunters Catch the ghosts in the light!  A fun game as a Ghost Hunter from Smart Games.  Have you ever wondered what ghosts do in a haunted mansion?   Play Ghost Hunters and use your brain to find out!

Coral Reef  Arrange the 4 magnetic playing puzzle pieces on the game board, ensure that only the fish of the challenge remain visible and solve the 48 different challenges, from easy to extremely difficult.  Choose a challenge from the game guide. There is only 1 solution to each challenge.

Scavenger Hunt  Scavenger Hunt For Kids is the classic game of search and find for indoors.  To play, turn over five cards and in two minutes, search the house for all sorts of fun stuff.  Find a funny hat, a purple shirt, something round or an object that begins with the letter "B".

Penguin Pool Party  The Smart Penguins challenge you in this exciting new 3D game...and now it’s time for a swim!  Discover Penguins Pool Party, featuring 60 challenges.   To play just place the penguins in the water on the game board as shown in each challenge and then fit the ice blocks around them.

Suits 5+