Fitzroy's Storm Glass 28cm - Heebie Jeebies


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What are the chances of storms, snow, wind, rain or clear skies?  The Fitzroys Storm Glass is an historical weather forecasting device made popular by Admiral Robert Fitzroy after his historic voyage on HMS Beagle.

The storm glass is a sealed container filled with a liquid which responds to changes in the weather allowing the observer to forecast the weather by observing the appearance of the liquid in the glass.

The Storm Glass works on principle that temperature and pressure affect solubility, sometimes resulting in clear liquid, other times causing precipitants to form. Each Storm Glass comes included with the instruction below:


  • Clear Liquid : Fair Weather
  • Murky Liquid : Rainy Weather
  • Crystals at the top : Thunderstorms
  • Large Flaky Crystals : Cloudy Skies, Snow in winter
  • Thread of Crystals : Windy Weather

    Fitzroy's Storm Glass Height 28cm, diameter of base is 5.5 cms, diameter of body is 3.5 cms  in an attractive box from Heebie Jeebies.

    This is not a toy as it is made from glass and should be handled carefully.

    Ages: 8+