Dino Block Dinosaur Board Book

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Dino Block Board Book ,is a book about dinosaurs, but not like you know books about dinosaurs! Abrams Block Book.

Dino Block  Instead of simply featuring words and pictures, it has words, pictures, AND each page of Dino Block is shaped like the dinosaur it is about!

As children explore the book they can feel the page and guess the dinosaur by its shape, and clever comparisons of dinosaurs with every day objects contextualise size, form and traits. A gatefold at the end of Dino Block is printed with all the dinosaurs they met in the book, a final hurrah to an epic dino-book adventure!

Dino Block is an immersive, age-appropriate introduction to the world of dinosaurs, helping to make reading and learning tactile, surprising, and FUN!

Note: illustrations have a retro feel, with imperfect variations in color and texture.

Suits 2+