Bugnoculars Bug Viewer


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Bugnoculars have a built in twin 3x magnifiers allowing kids to study the tiniest critters, seeds, flowers, leaves, even fish and tadpoles in the Bugnocular's watertight bottom.

The water tight bottom will hold water for viewing wet creatures, which is pretty awesome!

The crystal-clear container is perfect for observation and the lid has air holes so critters can breathe.

Secure snap-lock lid keeps even the smallest bugs in, which is good to hear.

Built-in carry handle folds down out of the way for viewing and the lid opens wide.

Comes with two kinds of tweezers.  Each side of the Bugnoculars has a place to hold your tweezers while you are carrying out your research.

Suits 3+

Bugnoculars are a clever beginner-level science tool for all young scientist!